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Selected Publications
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Ingiosi AM, Hayworth CR, Frank MG (2023) Activation of basal forebrain astrocytes induces wakefulness without compensatory changes in sleep drive. J Neurosci. 43:5792-5809. 

Research highlight: Selected by editors as Noteworthy and highlighted under Featured Research.


Media coverage: “These sneaky brain cells control how much sleep you need” 21 August 2023. Popular Mechanics.


Media coverage: “Lesser-known brain cells may be key to staying awake without cost to cognition, health” 17 August 2023. WSU Insider.


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Ingiosi AM^, Frank MG^ (2023) Goodnight, astrocyte: waking up to astroglial mechanisms in sleep. FEBS J. 290:2553-2564. Invited contribution.

^, co-corresponding authors


Research highlight: Featured cover article

Ingiosi AM, Frank MG (2022) Noradrenergic signaling in astrocytes influences mammalian sleep homeostasis. Clocks Sleep. 4:332-345.

Research highlight: Featured cover article

Ingiosi AM, Hayworth CR, Harvey DO, Singletary KG, Rempe MJ, Wisor JP, Frank MG (2020) A role for astroglial calcium in mammalian sleep and sleep regulation. Curr Biol. 30:4373-4383.e7

Media coverage: Why do brains need sleep? These ‘twinkling’ star-shaped cells may help us find out” 29 September 2020. Popular Science.


Media coverage: “Science column: How we sleep 24 September 2020. CBC Radio: All in a Day.


Media coverage: “Astrocytes, not just neurons, play a role in sleep” 24 September 2020. The Scientist.


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Ingiosi AM*, Schoch H*, Wintler T, Singletary KG, Righelli D, Roser LG, Medina E, Risso D, Frank MG, Peixoto L (2019) Shank3 modulates sleep and expression of circadian transcription factors. eLife. 8:e42819.

Research highlight: Editors’ Choice - Osterweil, EK (2019) SHANK3 puts autism to sleep. Sci Transl Med. 11:eaax1714.


Research highlight: “Understanding insomnia in autism spectrum disorder” 29 April 2019. eLife Digest.


Media coverage: “Sleep struggles in autistic people may have genetic basis” 3 May 2019. Spectrum.


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Ingiosi AM, Raymond Jr. RM, Pavlova MN, Opp MR (2015) Selective contributions of neuronal and astroglial interleukin-1 receptor 1 to the regulation of sleep. Brain Behav Immun. 48:244-257.

Ingiosi AM, Opp MR, Krueger JM (2013) Sleep and immune function: glial contributions and consequences of aging. Curr Opin Neurobiol. 23:806-811. Invited contribution.

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